E-Class Security and SD-WAN Licensing

Last updated: May 18, 2021


The Hermes Network is a multi-functional security & SD-WAN enterprise appliance with a wide set of capabilities to address multiple use cases for organizations of all sizes, in all industries.

Given the range of use cases that can be solved, there are three license options for the E-Class appliance that provides customers the flexibility to select the license most appropriate for their intended use.

EnterpriseAdvanced SecuritySecure SD-WAN Plus
“All I require is Auto VPN and a firewall” “I connect directly to the Internet so need a UTM too”“My business is reliant on SaaS/IaaS/DC served apps”

  • Essential SD-WAN 

  • Secure connectivity & basic security

  • All enterprise features

  • Fully featured unified threat management

  • All advanced security features

  • Advanced analytics with machine learning powered by Hermes Network Insight

  • Smart SaaS QoE

The licensing structure for E-Class appliances is the same as that of any other Hermes Network device – 1:1 ratio of devices to licenses. Pair your chosen E-Class appliance(s) with the relevant license for your use case

  • Enterprise license
  • Advanced security license
  • Secure SD-WAN Plus license