Secure Access Service Edge(SASE)

What is SASE?

With the rise in popularity of the cloud and remote workers, the security of enterprise networks is as big of a concern as ever. This is where SASE can help. SASE is a new cybersecurity term coined in Gartner’s 2019 report, “The Future of Network Security in the Cloud” that describes the process of combining wide area networking and network security into a single cloud service.

Traditional network security methods such as routing traffic back to headquarters for analysis, results in too many delays. It is more important that ever for companies to have the cloud in mind when making decisions about security. Through the use of secure web gateways, zero trust network access and cloud access security brokers, we create an SASE model that will maximize both security and efficiency.

Zero Trust Network Access

Everything starts with a user connecting to your network. Just because someone can connect to your network does not mean that they should have access to all the resources on your network. 

With our Zero Trust Network Access model you can control the level of restriction in your network based on your needs. From MFA, IAM, file permissions, analytics and much more our SD-WAN works with a variety of technologies to help you create the network you need!

Secure Web Gateways

Our secure web gateway solution enforces administrative security policies and handles malicious content to protect users on your network. Our features include application specific security controls, URL filtering and malicious content detection among many others.  

Cloud Access Security Brokers

Our cloud access security brokers help keep your network secure while accessing the cloud through the enforce administrative security policies while accessing the cloud. This is done through various forms of user/device authentication, security logs and alerts, advanced encryption and more.