What is Virtual Network Function (VNF)?

VNFs represent software implementation of network devices which are virtualized and packed in virtual machines which are scalable and movable

Hermes Network's Hybrid VNF Solutions

Hybrid VNF combined both images in SD-WAN Edge Devices or Cloud-Native with Security Cluster

Hybrid VNF Solutions

Examples of VNFs are:

VNF Benefits

VNFs can help increase network scalability and agility, while also enabling better use of network resources. Other VNF benefits include the following:


Traditionally relied on purpose-built hardware and software as the foundation for their network infrastructure. Known as physical network functions, or PNFs

VNFs enable these same networking services to operate — but decouple them from proprietary hardware. Instead, the network functions are facilitated on commodity hardware using a software layer to mimic network-specific hardware processing.

Service providers, telecom operators and enterprises are starting to introduce the use of VNFs by replacing aging PNF hardware with virtualized alternatives